What is "Lyrics of their Life Podcast"?

Lyrics Of Their Life is a Music Biography and Documentary style podcast that explores the extraordinary lives, lived by those that wrote or performed the songs we know & love.

Come on a journey with your host Adam Hampton as we take an in depth look through these musicians lives from their birth to the current day, or in some cases their death. Here you'll find the most complete biographies on legendary musicians such as Freddie Mercury, Stevie Nicks, Kurt Cobain, Prince, Tracy Chapman, AC/DC & Slash. Modern day stars like Ed Sheeran, Eminem, P!nk and Robbie Williams. To those currently rising in the industry such as Tones and I, Yungblud, The Kid Laroi and many more. As we learn of their triumphs, struggles and legacy as well as the many interesting stories behind their songs and how they were made.

The podcast also includes the shows "The Weekly Mews", "On The Rise", "Where Are They Now" and loads of bonus content including interviews and specials.

Who is Adam Hampton?

Adam Hampton is the sole creator of this podcast. All episodes are written, researched, narrated, edited and produced by myself, Adam Hampton.

Born and raised in a small country town in NSW Australia, music would always be a constant passion of mine growing up, where I was exposed to a wide variety of music ranging from Classic Rock, Metal, Pop, New Wave, Alternative and the list goes on. Growing up I always had an ear for music and always examined and had to question what each and every lyric in a song actually meant. For me there was nothing more exciting then researching everything there was to know about my favourite musicians or hearing a new artist/band for the very first time, no matter how old or new they were.

Now at the age of 26 i'm a loving husband and father and music is still such an important part of my life. Documenting the lives and careers of these inspiring musicians and bringing my love of music to you through this podcast brings me so much happiness and fulfillment. I hope you all enjoy listening to the podcast just as much as i've enjoyed creating each and every episode. There is still so much more to come, so I hope you continue to join me.

Cheers Adam.

What is "The Weekly Mews"?

The Weekly Mews is a mini weekly episode with all of the latest news and events from around the world of music from the past and present day. Where you can discover all the best new music on the scene, who's topping the charts, my artist of the week, what's making news and every big moment from that week in history.

What Is "Where Are They Now"?

Where Are They Now? is a short-length show based on forgotten artists, one hit wonders or those that made a great impact on the music scene but seemed to fade off. In each episode I will bring you a run down on the artist/band growing up, how they formed or became signed, how their career looked at the top of their game, what caused their career to fade off or for them to be somewhat forgotten and of course where they are today.

What Is "On The Rise"?

On The Rise as the show title suggests features artists/bands that are either quickly rising to stardom in the music industry or simply those that have loads of potential but might not be getting the credit they deserve on the mainstream charts/radio etc. As we delve into their upbringing, influences, what they have achieved/released so far and where I see them going in the future.

"To create something from nothing is one of the greatest feelings, and I would - I don't know, I wish it upon everybody. It's heaven".