Toni Basil

On this episode of Where Are They Now? We delve into the story of Toni Basil known best for her number 1 worldwide hit Mickey! As we take a look at how Toni became a performer, her pom pom waving hit song Mickey, where she went after her solo career fell apart and where she is today. Enjoy!

                                                                             The Knack

Known for their huge hit "My Sharona", we ask the question what ever happened to The Knack? In this episode we take a look at how Doug Fieger led his band to the top only for it all to come crashing down. What actually caused The Knack to fade off in the music industry and where did all the band members end up? Enjoy! 


Known for his huge hit "Somebody That I Used To Know" featuring Kimbra. We take an in depth look into the life and career of Wally De Backer aka Gotye to discover where he came from, what his journey to the top of the music industry looked like and where he is today. As we take a look at Gotye's incredible knack for music artistry, sampling and drawing on real life experiences to create musical masterpieces like the Making Mirrors album, his early albums such as Boardface, and Like Drawing Blood as well as his time with his band The Basics. Many interesting story's coming your way in this episode, Enjoy! 


Known for their mega hit Barbie Girl, in this episode of Where Are They Now? we take an in depth look into the band Aqua who became one of the hottest acts out of Scandinavia during the 90's taking the world by storm with their debut hit album Aquarium and their chart topping hit Barbie Girl which remains a classic pop song to this day. In this episode we learn about the bands origins, where Rene, Lene, Claus and Soren grew up, their musical influences and the question on everyone's mind, Where Are Aqua Now?